Red Bird Nest.

We have an unfortunate stand of holly bushes that have grown to around six feet along one side of the walkway leading to the front door of our apartment. I hate them. I have to reach through them to access my outdoor water spigot to water my potted plants, so it’s fun dodging the pointy leaves.

In the last week, I noticed a bird’s nest right above the spigot, mama bird has unfortunately chosen to use a large swath of plastic to help form her nest. The nest is just above my eye level, so I was able to hold up my phone and take this picture of the eggs in the nest.

Below is mama bird, a female red bird, which are a grayish brown color with a reddish breast and a bright orange beak, not bright red like their male counterparts. She flew into a nearby tree and tweeted at me to leave her nest alone after I accessed the water spigot. So I followed her to the tree to see if I could identify what kind of bird she was, and she kept turning her head sideways and looking down at me and chirping. It was really cute because I totally got the message, leave me and my nest alone!

But she chose an unfortunate spot for her nest, so we will be seeing a lot of each other until her eggs hatch and her baby birds grow up and leave the nest. I hope I’ll get a chance to document the baby birds in pictures!


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