Hail Storm 2012.

I have lived in Texas my whole life, but I have never experienced a hail storm like the one that hit our neighborhood the evening of June 13, 2012. I had written a long story of what happened, but I think pictures speak for themselves. Hail, rain, leaking roofs, damaged cars, the works. Lakewood got hit really hard.

Backyard from the upstairs window during the storm:

The backyard just after the storm passed:

This is hail all piled up along the fence line:

Two of my potted plants did not fair too well, but the gerber daisy looks like it will eventually be okay. It’s pretty beaten up, the pot has a major crack down the side so I will have to repot it this weekend, but the flower was only partially damaged! The rosemary seem to be okay and one of the chrysanthemums might be okay too, but it’s pretty beat up so only time will tell.

About an hour after the storm we walked around the back yard, the spiky balls of ice were interesting. John picked one up and even a little melted, it was huge:

All piled up in front of the garage door, an hour after the storm:

Here are a couple of hail stones that I threw in the freezer, with a soda can for size reference:


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