Kings & Queens.

Found this great Arnart mug at the thrift store a couple of days ago. I did a quick search and found a set of two for sale on Etsy for $16.00. I only paid a $1.00 for the mug, so I got a great deal!

I knew this was an Arnart mug because I already owned another set of mugs with the same shape. It was a set of Smug Mugs, all the same pattern as the one below, but in different colors. I got them at a garage sale style weekend flea market, and I am sure that I did not pay much for them at the time.

I loved them so much, and I think they even came in their original cardboard box. But at the time I bought them, we were living in an apartment without a dishwasher, and with all that hand washing, all but this one got broken! Check out the surviving Smug Mug, I love the pattern!


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