Summer Drinks.

A modified Tequila Sunrise just hits the spot when the temperature rises to 100 plus degrees everyday, for days on end. It was 108 degrees on Saturday. Ugh. When it makes you feel like you could melt just walking outside, a nice fruity cocktail is in order!

1.  Orange/Pineapple juice, I find it’s less acidic than straight up orange
2.  Pomegranate Liqueur, we bought the Stirrings brand and it is really tasty
3.  White Tequila, preferably 100% agave (we usually buy a bottle around $10-12, no need to spend more since it’s for mixing)

1.  Fill a glass with ice, add one shot of tequila
(or more depending on the size of your glass)
2.  Fill the glass the rest of the way with Orange/Pineapple juice
3.  Stir.  It’s important to stir at this point so that when you add the Pomegranate liqueur it separates nicely like in the photo above.
4.  To add 3/4 of a shot of Pomegranate liqueur to make the blushed red bottom, pour it quickly in the center of the glass so it blooms down to the bottom and give you a nice gradient of colors from orange to red.

Enjoy! (Maybe even add an umbrella straw if you have one.)

We used to buy the Roses brand grenadine syrup but we tired of the fake color and taste and started looking for other options. We had not made a tequila sunrise until it dawned on us that we could use a pomegranate liqueur instead!  Woot!


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