My latest work in progress. I found this pattern in a vintage book of needlework patterns and traced it freehand with a water soluble pen using the light box onto the fabric. I am just making up the stitch patterns for the flowers as I go along and using a simple cable stitch for the green lines. Just something to do while watching TV…

I also started a calligraphy class this week, and I already have homework! I have to write the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” in the Gothic Round font we learned on the first day.  So far I am not so great at it, but I have at least five more weeks to see if I can get the hang of it, and practice should help.

But of course, yesterday I did something phenomenally stupid. I was rearranging a catch all kitchen drawer and I reached for something near the cheapy mandolin that I recently purchased, and proceeded to cut the index finger on my right hand pretty good. So at least I can type okay, so that I may recount my sad tale, but any needlework and calligraphy practice are out for a the next few days. It sucks to have a bandaid on your finger, but at least it’s a Hello Kitty bandaid!


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