Owls are back in style, I have been seeing them everywhere lately. I found this pair of huge orange and yellow owls at a thrift store recently.

The picture does not do a good job of giving the scale, but they were at least 12 inches tall and made of very heavy plaster. They had a home made feel to them. I really liked them, but they were just so big and heavy I had no idea where or how I would hang them! So I just had to settle for a picture… probably for the best!

I used to not be a big fan of owl artwork. Growing up, my Mom had a collection of owls that hung at the end of hallway hall. I am still not sure if she meant to collect them, or if they were something that just ended up being a theme on accident. Nonetheless, when I was really young, having to walk past a wall of lifelike owls pictures and figurines was a little creepy, and as a teenager I just thought they were awfully ugly. Today, I much prefer cute stylized orange owls!

(Writing this just made me remember that we once went to the Owl Tree bar in San Francisco years ago since it was near our hotel. It was funny how many things I could point out that hung in the hall of my childhood home!)


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