I made pizza for dinner Sunday night. It was an experiment with a new dough recipe from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and it turned out very tasty. I only had time for the dough to rise for two hours at the most, and it had the best flavor development like you get when you let the dough rest for many hours. It had a wonderful texture also, crunchy and light. Highly recommended! I have been lucky enough to score the Rose Levy Beranbaum trilogy – The Bread Bible, The Cake Bible and The Pie and Pastry Bible. I scored them all on separate visits to the used bookstore, all in great condition.

I had to move some books around (and move some onto John’s bookshelf!) to start a whole new shelf on my bookcase for all the cookbooks I have been collecting lately! Still mostly baking books, but I am sure I won’t stop here. Since I can’t seem to find any more vintage craft/needlework/jewelry making books that I don’t already own after many years of collecting, I have to get my fix somewhere!

We love books and music in our house and can’t seem to get enough … I feel lucky that John and I share that interest so we don’t get bothered by the amount of space it takes to have such large book and music collections.


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