Santa Claus.


I found the stash of my childhood pictures with Santa last year at my parents house and decided to steal them before they got lost. I scanned them and put them all together here. (You can click to enlarge the whole collage if you are so inclined!)

It was 1975 and I’m three years old in the first picture, and eight years old in the last photo. Santa is being a little fresh there appearing to pinch me inappropriately in that last one! (I am pretty sure it was an accident, but it’s pretty funny!) Eight years old seems pretty old to get a picture with Santa to me now, but I am sure I was fine with it back then, since I liked the idea of Santa way past knowing he wasn’t “real.”

My favorite is the one taken in 1976 when I am wearing my coat and sinking my head into my shoulders (which I still do to this day when I am stressed!) and then another shot taken without my coat wearing my dress and red tights.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday! Happy Holidays!


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