Pecan Butter Ball Cookies.


These cookies were inspired by the Cashew Butter Ball cookie recipe Smitten Kitchen put up right before Christmas. But I used pecans instead of cashews. I love pecans and always have some stashed in my refrigerator. (I even drive across town to a special store that sells only nuts to stock up a few times a year with pecans, walnuts, almonds for all my baking needs!)

But anyway back to the cookies!  They turned out so great, but they were messy! They have a tender/crumbly/sandy texture and the powdered sugar would just fly off the cookie everywhere as you ate one, but they were so tasty it was worth the mess!

I scooped them out into one-inch balls like the recipe called for, and if I make them again I would make them quite a bit smaller. They would benefit from being little one bite cookies instead of two or three bite cookies.

Anyway, you should totally bake up a batch of these cookies with your favorite nut…just don’t eat them on the sofa!


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