Baking & Knitting.

Two of my favorite things…

I made these blueberry muffins for our friend Josh since he was coming by on Friday night to hang out and check out John’s newly acquired keyboard. They used to work together and I would send baked goods to work with John all the time. Of all the baked goods I had ever sent to work, Josh still mentions the blueberry muffins I sent over a long time ago as his favorite. So I thought I should whip up a special batch for him to enjoy over the weekend.

I am especially proud that I made them the perfect size, usually I put way too much batter in each cup and get ugly overflowing muffins, with true muffin tops! But these came out quite pretty and tasty too. I used a recipe from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook, but many similar recipes can also be found on her web site. The recipe did not use a streusel topping so I just winged a recipe to make a small amount. A little flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and a little melted butter until it was a crumbly mixture. I only used a small amount on each muffin, I did not want to overwhelm to muffin with sugary topping, just a little something crunchy on top. BlueberryMuffins

His girlfriend Kelly also came over and we hung out and I tried to show her how to knit. Not sure if I did a very good job, but I think she picked it up pretty quickly, even with my not so great instructions. I had some metal needles that I bought when I first learned to knit, so I gave her a few sizes of needles along with some yarn that I had hanging around to take home and continue to practice over the weekend. And of course, I introduced her to Ravelry! We had fun drinking beers, knitting and chatting while the boys played music/made noise upstairs!

While showing her the Ravelry site and what a great resource it is, I saw a pattern that inspired me to start a new knitting project on Saturday with some yarn I recently bought. I just had to have it because it was such a pretty color, but was not sure what to knit with it, it’s been so warm this winter did I really need a another scarf? But then I found a great scarf/cowl pattern that I am working on and it is knitting up pretty fast so hopefully it will turn out well. The pattern was written up as a blog post so I had to write it out into my own pattern and I changed it up a little bit. I am almost done, so after I get it blocked I’ll post another picture of the finished product!



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