Heart Shaped Homemade Oreos.


I made these really cute heart-shaped homemade Oreos for Valentine’s Day in two sizes, one inch and two inches. They turned out so cute, and they taste really great too. The recipe is from the book Flour and is very tasty. You can also find the recipe here on Bakerella, she made them back around Halloween with orange tinted filling.

The recipe calls for both dutch process cocoa powder and melted semi-sweet chips in the batter and it makes for a deeply chocolatey cookie. The dutch process cocoa is darker and has a stronger flavor so you must really use it and not regular cocoa powder to get that deep dark chocolate taste you are looking for in these cookies.

The recipe says to roll the dough into a log to chill and cut off slices to bake like the Bakerella recipe I linked above, but I decided to use it as a cut out dough and rolled it out between two pieces of plastic wrap. Once the dough warms up it does get a little sticky so you need to work quickly and chill the dough as necessary in the process, but I think it was really worth it for all the cuteness. I also chilled the cut out hearts in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or so before popping them into the oven and I think that helped them keep their shape a little better during baking.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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