Cut Out Cookies.

CookiesLayersflatBest Ever Butter Cookies.

The recipe is from an old Land O’Lakes coupon circular from the Sunday paper that I stuffed it into my black recipe binder (that always needs re-organizing!) and pull it out a couple of times a year. From way back when I loved getting the Sunday paper and reading it over many cups of coffee. (I sometimes miss the paper, but the iPad is where it’s at these days!)

I think what makes this recipe special is the addition of a small amount of orange juice. It does not add an orange flavor, just a nice background note of citrus that is more mellow than lemon juice. I made this cookie dough one ambitious afternoon when I had other things I was working on in the kitchen and realized I was not going to get this dough rolled out into cookies that afternoon. So this batch of dough was wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck in the freezer bags to stow away for a while.

Over the weekend, I put the cookie dough in the refrigerator overnight and it was ready to roll out after a few minutes at room temperature the next day. I was impatient, so the edges kept cracking a little, but I just smooshed them back together and kept rolling.  The cutters are from IKEA, a squirrel, a hedgehog, and a snail.  The package also contains a moose, a bear, and a fox.

As you can see from the photo, I did not take a lot of time decorating the cookies. I made up a quick batch of chocolate powdered sugar icing and a regular batch of white icing and start doing a quick squiggle design, just something to get the icing onto the cookie fast! This is why I don’t make cut out cookies very often, I always start off thinking this is the time that I am going to play around and make some complicated designs. Then after a few tries I realize that my skills are lacking in this area and just get the icing onto the cookies in a random fashion is fine.


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