Three Years.

According to WordPress, today is the third anniversary of starting this blog!  It somehow feels like I have been doing this forever, and for just a minute at the same time…

I think starting a blog and getting an iPhone just went together really well for me, a happy coincidence. I love the camera on my iPhone and take so many photos every day, posting only a fraction of what I take.

Beautiful pink blossoms on the Peach branches at the grocery store

In other exciting news! I traded in my old Honda CRV for a new CRV!  It is so nice!! My old car was almost seven years old and so this new version seems extra fancy, because it is extra fancy to me! I upgraded to a nicer trim level with new extra features, like a backup camera and headlights that adjust themselves for the driving conditions! My old CRV was completely analog, so having a smart car takes some getting used to!

Two recipes I made this weekend that I can recommend: the French Onion Tart from Smitten Kitchen, the sweet yellow onions I bought turned out so good for this recipe, I served it with a nice green salad and we had strawberry shortcakes for dessert –  really nice Saturday night dinner! (I also converted the recipe to six mini tarts instead of one nine inch tart and froze the extra four for future meals. I have found most nine inch quiche/tart recipes convert to six individual sized servings which work better for us.)

I picked a rather random recipe for dinner last night, Honey Sesame Chicken from Tasty Kitchen. The Honey Sesame Chicken recipe is a slow cooker recipe, but since I no longer own a slow cooker, I just used my dutch oven and it turned out really tasty. I changed up the recipe a little bit, I used less honey and more sesame oil so it turned out a little more savory than sweet, which we prefer. Steamed veggies thrown on top and it was a nice meal that came together really quickly.


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