Fig Jam.


Fig Jam with Cinnamon. Eight half pint jars! So much jam!

My parents have a fig tree in their back yard, so my Mom quarters and freezes lots of figs. The last time I was home, I took several small freezer bags full home with me to help her clear out some freezer space. Little did I know that I brought home 4 pounds of figs!! This was taking up valuable freezer space and something had to be done. I had to make room for my freezer canister for the ice cream maker since the weather is warming up!

As with most things, I researched the process quite a bit before I jumped in. There is a lot of information out there on the web, and I checked out several books from the library to read up on the proper way to make jam using the water bath canning method. I acquired a large stock pot with a rack, and a set of jar lifters and I was ready! I used the recipe here on A Cozy Kitchen blog for the basic quantities.

So yesterday afternoon I jumped right in and went to work. I think the whole process was about 2 1/2 to 3 hours total, so it’s something you need an afternoon to do properly. All my jars set up properly with no springy lids, so I think I can call it a success! And since I went to all the trouble to make the jam, I designed some proper labels for the jars too.

The result tasted fantastic when I was doing the spoon test in the freezer, so I think I can safely give a few jars away. I am going to crack open my own jar this weekend to have on some toast with our morning coffee.  Happy weekend!!


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