Blondies with Cashews & Caramel


Salted Cashew Caramel Blondies! I came across this recipe at A Spicy Perspective.

How I did not know that Kraft Caramel Bits were a thing is beyond me – I love caramel! After finding this recipe I found them right there on the shelf right next to the chocolate chips at SuperTarget. They taste exactly like the individually wrapped caramels, only tiny chocolate chip sized morsels of caramel. And they are regular ingredients, nothing hydrogenated in the ingredients list.

These blondies are an easy one bowl recipe and you add the cashews on top so they get toasty as they bake. I think if I had to do them over again the only change I would make is to bake them in a larger pan or reduce the baking powder so they don’t get so thick. My pan of blondies rose to the top of the cake pan and were very thick, and I prefer and thinner profile. But the flavor was great and I look forward to making them again.

Now I want to make some cookies with these caramel bits. I think a cookie packed with chocolate chips, caramel bits and toasted pecans sound right up my alley…


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