These succulents were in huge round planters throughout the mall.

The green leaf makes a stark contrast on the texture of the wet gray pavement.

Flowering Lavender plants for Mother’s Day at Central Market.

What a week! The natural gas company turned off our service by mistake, so Wednesday was spent waiting for them to finally show up at 8:45 pm that evening to turn it back on. It took two phone calls and way too much time on hold, but I finally had hot water! Yay!

So Thursday I spent most of the day out of the house running errands. I took a bunch of random photos everywhere I went and I noticed that there was a green theme happening.

We are turning the corner from Spring to Summer this week. We usually jump directly from Winter to Summer here in Texas so to actually have a period of nice Spring weather has been great! Random update complete – have a great weekend!


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