Small Projects.

Lately I have been really into knitting again and wanted some small projects to work on while watching TV late in the evenings. I recently cleaned out my yarn stash and got rid of a bunch of yarn, but I kept the huge skein of baby yarn that I had bought to make a crocheted baby blanket last year that I never finished.

I got less than a quarter of the way into the blanket and decided that I was never going to finish in time, so I set it aside and did some other smaller projects for her baby. Later I frogged the yarn into a huge center pull ball to use on another project.  I really enjoyed making the baby sweater set earlier this year, so I thought more baby clothes for my friends adorable baby girl would be perfect small projects.


The ties were a little tricky, the straps were just squared off at the end and it was hard to hide the woven ends, so I came up with the idea to add some crochet ruffle trim which turned out really cute when tied up and made the ties look like bows.KnittedBabyDress2

The pattern knits up quickly and is super easy once you get the hang of it, you can easily watch TV and keep on track with very little counting, my kind of pattern!

The pattern is available for free on Lion Brand’s website, but does require registration to access the free patterns.


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