Summer Is Here.

Am I the only one that feels like summer has arrived when the peaches show up?PeachGaletteOver the weekend I made a Peach Galette. It was okay. The peaches seemed small but quite ripe when I picked them out, and the next day a couple of them had even spoiled. But the fruit was quite tart and firm even after baking so I guess they just weren’t great peaches. Maybe next time I’ll just stick with cobbler. But the homemade vanilla ice cream I made to accompany the galette was great!

We walked around White Rock Lake at sunset one evening. Can you see the tiny white triangle of a sailboat all the way across the lake near the Bath House?Lake_at_Sunset

We also got to see a red-winged black bird. He was really pretty, but he only good snaps I got of him were in silhouette since the sun was setting behind me.Bird_One



I love all the huge old trees around the lake.


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