Giant Cookies.


Saturday afternoon when we got back from running errands I decided I wanted to bake some cookies. I did a few searches for different cookies, and browsed through my cook book collection. Then I came across this recipe. Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Brown Eyed Baker. The recipe said it was for 18 large cookies, and used an interesting technique to get a craggy effect on the top of each cookie. Perfect.

I was generous when scooping out my cookies and got only 15 cookies from the recipe, five on each sheet pan baked. using a quarter cup scoop as a measure.  (I can’t bake two sheets at once in my oven, it heats way to unevenly.)

Recipe tips: The recipe calls for cooled melted butter so you have to be really careful not to over mix the dough or they can turn out oily and flat. You want to add in the chocolate chips right before all the flour is incorporated and stop as soon as it all comes together. My cookies did not come out quite as thick as the cookies pictured in the link above because I did over mix them just a little, but I am happy with the way they turned out. Crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle. And as big as your hand!!


John had gone upstairs to hook up some new guitar equipment he had bought that afternoon and did not know I was making cookies. When he came down the stairs, he was hit by the aroma of fresh-baked cookies. The first pan had come out of the oven and were cooled enough to eat just about the time he arrived. I handed him a GIANT cookie and he was amazed by the size and said that they were the best chocolate chip cookies ever. He said he was coming downstairs for a snack and my timing of fresh-baked cookies was perfect. Must be nice to live with a baker, am I right!?!


One thought on “Giant Cookies.

  1. Dee Anna Hanchey says:

    Yum! I made them yesterday…I overmixed too, despite your warning, but they still turned out amazing! I used dark chocolate chips, which were a little overpowering. Will stick to milk chocolate next time and maybe even use fewer chips than the recipe calls for, because the cookie part is SO good. (That never happens! I was floored!)

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