The aster flower seeds I planted way back in early March are finally starting to bloom! Pretty little petite flowers in purple and white so far.

We took a couple extra days off to have an extended holiday and slept in quite late today. It’s been so nice!

I have been cooking so much over the whole vacation, so impressed with myself! I have cooked the majority of our meals which is something I don’t usually live up to when on vacation, even when the vacation is really a stay-cation around the house!  But we did grill out a lot, and John did most of the grilling while I did most of the prep.

John invented a new drink for the weekend that goes really great with hanging out around the grill.  Don’t have a name for it yet, but here’s how to make it: Fill a tall glass with ice, add a shot of spiced rum, half a shot of pomegranate liqueur, fill with ice tea, and squeeze in a lemon wedge. It tastes like pomegranate tea, but with a nice little buzz to go along with it. So good!



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