Stuffed Softies.


I found the book Softies Only a Mother Could Love for only one dollar in the clearance section at Half Price Books thinking that I could use the patterns for gifts because the patterns were so cute. Not even a week after the purchase I realized that I had missed a birthday for a friends little boy who had just turned one! I am usually pretty good about remembering things like birthdays, but since she lives out-of-state and we don’t get to talk as much as we used to due to the fact that she had a one year old, the date just flew past me.

So I pulled out the book and made some copies of the patterns to whip up some toys. I decided to use felt for all the pieces since I have a lot left over in many colors from other projects. Then I realized that I forgot to enlarge a few of the patterns when I made the copies, so my stuffies would be rather small, the largest being the red devil astronaut at about ten inches tall. At that size they are hard for me to sew on the sewing machine so I decided to hand sew them with contrasting embroidery thread and change up the patterns a little here and there.

I shipped them off to my friend yesterday with a belated birthday note for her little boy, Ulee (short for Ulysses). I hope they like them as much as I enjoyed making them.



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