John has been looking at Limoncello every time we go to the liquor store for a while now. They all have added yellow food coloring, and this turned him off since it does not have to be added. After a recent trip, he told me he remembered that Giada De Laurentiis had made some one time when we were watching her cooking show.  I don’t watch a lot of cooking shows much anymore, so I was impressed that he remembered that she had made it, and he suggested that I could make some too. How hard could it be?

No problem I said, and looked up the recipe. I was then daunted by the idea of peeling 10 lemons, but decided to take one for the team and give the recipe a try. Since I was left with 10 naked lemons, I juiced them also and froze it for another future use, say lemon bars.

Oh, and yes, that is the cheapest bottle of vodka at the liquor store by my house!  I went as cheap as possible for this batch since it was going to be infused with lemon and simple syrup, you just want the alcohol content, not the best drinking vodka you can find or anything.

So at this stage I have let the peels sit for four days in the vodka and this morning I added the simple syrup to the mixture to sit for another 24 hours. John gave the vodka a taste test last night and said that it was very infused with lemon flavor.  The peels are almost all white having spent their lemon essence into the vodka. Tomorrow I will strain the mixture and bottle it to go into the freezer for another day.

So this by weekend we will be drinking our limoncello!  I hope it turns out tasty! John will probably sip his straight, and I will probably throw some sparkling water into mine.



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