Let’s start by saying that I had a few problems getting started with this knitting project. I would start it, knitted a couple of inches and then rip it out because I lost count somewhere. This happened at least four times before I got the hang of the pattern — but then it actually knitted up pretty quickly once I got the hang of it!

It’s from the book, Knitting Counterpanes by Mary Walker Phillips. The pattern abbreviations are not the standard abbreviations that I have memorized, and even though the  book has a section that explains them clearly, I did search the interwebs and it seems that no one else is familiar with them either.

So I made a copy of the pattern from the book and made myself some cheat notes at the bottom of the paper to clarify the abbreviations into the abbreviations that I am accustomed to reading and that helped a lot. You knit the pattern from the outside in, so after the first few inches it was basically a stitch pattern of various decreases to achieve the pattern.

It looks very pretty all blocked out on the board, but when I unpinned it, the petals still pucker quite a bit. I don’t know if I should block it again or just make peace with the way it looks. I was planning on making this into a throw pillow with the knitted panel attached to the front of a pillow form, but now I am not sure if that would work out very well.

So I’ll set it aside for a little while and then revisit the project again to see if I can make anything with it after all. Maybe I should just frame it!


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