I am late in the week to post this, but it should not go unmentioned!

We finally went to Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff on Sunday night.  It was great! I could not believe that I have lived in Texas my whole life and have not had a barbecue experience quite like this one. Even the BBQ beans were very good, not too sweet with a few chunks of brisket for flavor. The mac and cheese had a good flavor and was a nice mild compliment to the spicy beans. Loved the white bread slices and the butcher paper presentation!

Apparently when they first opened that did not have sauce or forks.  They now have both! I did like the sauce they served on the side, even though I did not use it much, because the brisket was tender and smoky and really, really tasty and did not need much sauce.  The Kruez sausage was tasty, but very fatty, a little too much for our taste so we probably won’t get it again. I want to go back and try the smoked chicken next time too.

We got home and our clothes smelled like smoke. I usually hate this when going to a restaurant, but this time it made me smile from the memory of such a good barbecue…….


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