Flaky Layer Biscuits.


In honor of the first cool weather weekend after a week of mid-to-upper 90 degree temps, I thought a new biscuit recipe would be a great way to celebrate the beginning of fall weather.

I made these using a recipe I found on FineCooking.com, and they turned out great. The dough was easy to pat out and fold into the flaky layers, they rose respectably in the oven, and best of all they tasted wonderful. Loaded with more butter and jam, they were delicious on a nice cool morning with a cup of coffee.

I won’t try to write up my adaptation of the recipe here as I sometimes do, I stuck pretty close to the original recipe and the link has clear instructions on how to do the folding if you are unfamiliar with the technique, which is similar to folding puff pastry dough. You don’t even need a rolling-pin to make these, the dough is nice and soft and easy to pat out into rectangles that allow you to get all those flaky layers. I think they were worth the extra effort for a special Sunday morning treat!


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