Vintage Sewing Basket

Check out my latest flea market find:


I have never even seen a vintage sewing basket with little peg legs. And an amazing embossed butterfly design on top. I just adore vintage butterfly art from the 60’s or 70’s.


The interior is in really good shape for its age too.
There were still a few stray needles on the tufted top lid:


And the label is intact:


We don’t go to the largest local flea market very often anymore. They started charging a hefty fee for parking at the current location and for me it takes all the fun out of going to the flea market when you spend over $20 for parking and entry fees just to get inside to see what is for sale.  But once a year for several weeks they change locations to a building that has free parking and so we decided to go this past weekend.

As soon as we walked in the door, literally the first booth to the right had this sewing basket sitting out up front. I was immediately smitten! John took one look at and told me that it had my name written all over it, and he knew we would be taking it home! The price it was marked was a little more than I wanted to spend, so decided to walk through the whole place just to make sure that there were not any other treasures that needed my attention first.

I found a couple small trinkets here and there but nothing that could surpass my love of this sewing basket. So back I went and took a closer look at the interior and underside condition and was ready to go for it!  The seller came over and noticed me eyeing it and immediately offered to drop the price to a very reasonable compromise from what was on the tag. SOLD!!  I am really happy I bought it and I immediately found a spot for it the living room so it could be shown off all the time while storing some needlework supplies that I use frequently.






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