My Birthday in Pictures.

Today is my birthday!  Here’s what we have done so far.

We went out to breakfast, and then bought some cupcakes (and ate a couple!):

John bought me some beautiful earrings for my birthday. Unfortunately, they were really heavy. He was really understanding and said that after he bought them he worried that they would be too heavy and that I might not like that so it would be okay if I wanted to exchange them for the ring or anything else.  So I exchanged them for the ring that matched the earrings, and two pairs of earrings instead:

Then we went to Ft. Worth to the Modern Art Museum and saw an exhibit by Robert Lazzarini, which was small but very good. His work is fascinating, he takes images of guns, safes, brass knuckles and other objects like safes and mathematically distorts them in Photoshop, and then has them made to those specs using the real materials. Very good stuff.

Oh, and I bought a pair of sandals before we went to the Japanese Botanical Garden. The garden was beautiful as usual, and it was a beautiful sunny day after a week of cool and cloudy weather.

And it’s only 6:30, who knows what kind of trouble we still have time to get into!


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